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What was proposition 9 in California

Proposition 9 was a proposal from Silicon Valley’s Tim Draper to break up California’s state into two countries – one consisting of Northern California and the other comprised of the Southern part of the state. It was launched on August 8th by San Francisco venture capitalist Tim Draper, who was instrumental in its formation.

So what was Prop 9 all about? According to the official website of the proposition. it was “an initiative for California citizens to elect a single member to the United States House of Representatives and a single member to the United States Senate who will represent each political subdivision of California in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.” The idea was not just to create two different states but also to create a new identity for the country and allow its residents to separate from the rest of the United States.

In an exclusive interview with me, Draper explained the goals of Proposition 9, especially for those who want to live in the new state. He said that he hopes to separate California from the rest of the country because he believes it will be better for his country in the future – and also, more independent.

It is a double-edged sword

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But in a way, it is a double-edged sword. Because while people who live in California will now have the option to vote on whether they want to be divided into two, many Californians who live in other parts of the country will now have the same opportunity. In other words, if California is divided into two, which one will Californians prefer? Will they choose the new identity or the old one?

What was Proposition 9’s success rate? Well, it appears to have been relatively good. According to Draper’s calculations, his initiative garnered more than the 55% required to pass. Of course, he admits that not everyone who votes for it will be a voter when it comes time to vote on the new constitution, resulting in very few Californians moving to a new state, if not all of them. However, it seems that many voters are already planning to move from the Golden State.

Does this mean California’s independence is at risk? Probably not. The US Constitution does not explicitly give every state the right to separate from the others. And there has been some debate on whether or not such a decision would still affect the future.

The biggest concern for opponents

But the biggest concern for opponents of what was Proposition 9 is the possibility that California will now become like a colony of the US. There have been several discussions of a potential secessionist movement in the state. While some fear that this might eventually happen, most Americans do not believe this is the case and see it more as an opportunity to unite the country instead of breaking it apart. In this case, it seems the Californians are taking advantage of the chance to get a new state name.

Although Californians indeed have the right to separate from the rest of the state, the idea of being part of a country in a different place is not something that can be done overnight. The separation has to be gradual – something that Californians can’t just decide one day, no matter what Tim Draper claims. And to do this, the people of the other states have to support the proposal.

Indeed, a new state should require a majority to take effect. If many voters from other countries decide to vote against Proposition 9, the government is already doomed. Although a large number of Californians were against this proposition, it seems that a majority of the people living in the other countries supported the new state, meaning that there will not be a need for a large number of signatures to make the separation official.

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Why is California splitting up

So, why is California splitting up in the first place? This is because the US government does not seem to want them to. California is a high-population state with a high number of immigrants who are looking for jobs.

So if California is not going to secede, why would the US government want to split them up? One thing that is common among most political scientists is that the US seeks to divide up smaller states to help them compete in a global economy that demands that all countries work together to produce goods and services and keep their economies growing. It is a good thing that the US is taking this approach.

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