Pasadena The City Of Art

Pasadena The City Of Art

Pasadena The City Of ArtOff Route sixty-six, near Los Angeles is Pasadena, California.  Surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountains in the valley is a sunny, beautiful city. It has cultural arts, performing arts and visual arts.

Things to do in the art and culture area include: the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Norton Simon Museum, Decanso gardens, San Gabriel, The Arboretum, The Pasadena Museum of History, The Gamble House and more.

Pasadena The City Of ArtPasadena is known for it’s sunshine, dry climate, mountains and spectacular gardens.  In the 1880’s, the railroad made this Spanish rooted town’s industry boom and it came to be a great vacation spots for the wealthy visitors. The town grew, more hotels were built and the architectural design of the area gave it a village atmosphere as the economic growth continued to soar. Today, there are over a hundred and thirty thousand residents and at only ten miles from the Los Angeles area, this is a great city to live in. There are many interesting architectural structures too and tours to take in order to appreciate the breathtaking sights. There are many mansions, beautiful gardens and breathtaking landscapes to view in this area that has its very own population of wild parrots in several varieties.

Pasadena The City Of ArtPasadena is home to the Tournament of Roses and Rose Bowl Parade, an annual tradition. The Rose parade is beautifully done and filled with breathtakingly decorated floats, marching bands, horses and other attractions. The Rose Bowl game itself is a college football bowl game that happens post season and draws visitors to the area and millions of viewers who watch it every year on television. People from all over the world come for this grand celebration each and every year. The parade and game are a New Year’s Day tradition for many. Some even camp out in order to ensure they get the best seat but reserved seating is also available.

The shopping, dining and accommodations here are fantastic for vacationers and the city is a wonderful place to live, too. There are live theatres, music venues and plenty of nightlife. The upscale shopping is a plus for tourists and residents alike.

Pasadena is self-sustaining but close enough to everything that although you don’t have to travel very far to enjoy Southern California’s many attractions, everything is all easily accessible. Short drives from here are beaches, other popular Californian cities, amusement parks as well as camping facilities.  Pasadena is a gorgeous, sunny place that encompasses beauty, amenities, and everything tourists and residents need all in one place.

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