Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo

Mission ViejoMission Viejo is a unique planned community in Orange County, California where the residents have access to their own private lake. The lake is for use by members only.  If you’d enjoy boating, water sports, fishing and using a beach on a very exclusive lake by membership only this is a great selling feature of the local real estate.  The city’s Civic Center offers a summer concert series and other events all year long. There are plenty of sight-seeing tours in the area that you can travel to by limousine or tour bus and Mission Viejo is a close drive to many of Orange County’s tourist attractions.  There are many options for accommodations, restaurants and shopping to experience in this suburban city. The residents here love where they live and welcome visitors to their city.

Mission Viejo, California is a great residential area that’s home to over 93,000 residents who enjoy great schools, shopping, local businesses and plenty of parks and recreation services including fitness centers and plenty of parks. There are many choices for places of worship, places to eat and local clubs and sports organizations to join.

Mission ViejoThe city offers much to its residents in terms of community services, local events and keeps the city gorgeous with its landscaping and greenery. There are several real estate offices to choose from if you’re looking to buy a home here and there are lakeside homes, condominiums with loads of amenities and features. This city has a low crime rate, low unemployment rate and a better than average income.  The homes here average about $293,000.00.

Rancho Mission Viejo is a local leased ranch of 23,000 acres that have recently been approved where a large portion of this land is guaranteed as protected open green space for the future. Where many cities are so consumed by the need for development, this area understands the need for both development of new communities as well as the importance of agricultural heritage being continued and the protection of conservation areas for the good of the environment.

Mission ViejoOrange County itself is a great place to live with a vibrant tourism economy and growing businesses. It’s filled with many unique cities and plenty of things to do.  Tourists marvel at the benefits that the locals in this section of California have at their disposal. It’s no wonder that so many California travelers make this their destination of choice and come to visit over and over again.

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