How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder

How to Remove a Toilet Paper Holder

The majority of bathroom paper towels are secured by screws which are concealed on first sight. If the toilet paper holder is extending from the wall, take a look at the inside of the mount.

Most likely, there are screws visible. You can remove these screws using the help of an Allen wrench, or by using a screwdriver.

The toilet paper holders with recess usually contain screws that are behind each roll, which connect to a wall stud. Toilet paper holders made of ceramic typically are attached to the wall and are removed by cutting the adhesive using the help of an oscillating device.


How Do You Remove the Toilet Paper Holder Using Hidden Screws?


It is possible to access the majority of concealed screws for toilet paper holders via the bottom of the mount for toilet paper. But, there are some hidden in other places.

First, take off the toilet paper roll for a clearer view.

Next, lower yourself to the floor and look at the underside of the mounting. Are there visible holes in the bottom of the mounting? The screw is in that area.

  • Get rid of your toilet roll as well as the rod to hold it.

  • Examine the mounts of the holder carefully, including the bottom and the underside.

  • Find the presence of a screw or hole. head.

  • When you have located the screw head or hole, If you find the screw hole, use the Allen wrench or screwdriver in order to remove the screw.

  • Move the mount forward to take it off the wall bracket.

  • Take the wall bracket off off the wall.

  • If there aren’t any screws, the holders could be fixed onto the wall.

Once you’ve discovered the screws hidden from view and have them removed, it becomes simpler. Play around with the Allen wrench set or a screwdriver to determine what’s right for the head of the screw.

The screw should be turned counterclockwise in order to let it loosen. The mount will then fall off its wall mounting. The majority of wall mounts are attached to the wall using visible screws. You can remove these screws. Then, work is completed.


3 Removal Methods for Different Types of Toilet Paper Holders


There isn’t a universal removal method that works for every toilet paper holder. There are however three primary kinds of holders for toilet papers. The three most common types of holders and the ways of removal are

  • Wall Mounted Holder Unlock hidden screws from the wall mounts.

  • Recessed Holder: Unroll the toilet paper roll to expose screws that connect the holders to wall studs.

  • Ceramic Holder Utilize an oscillating tool to cut through the adhesive glue that bonds holders to walls.

You can take out each one of these toilet paper holders with only couple of tools. Here’s how:

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

The toilet paper holders comprises of two or more arms that are extending from the wall, securing the roll of toilet paper the roll, it’s probably held by screws hidden behind the wall. The majority of the metal toilet paper holders are made of this kind. To get rid of from one or more of them:

  • Take out from the roll of toilet paper as well as the rod to hold it.

  • Check the sides and bottoms of your mount(s) for a clearly visible screw hole.

  • Make use of an Allen wrench or a key for loosening the screws inside the hole. The screw is turned counterclockwise to loosen it.

  • The mount should be tilted inwards and then backwards to release it of the bracket on your wall.

  • Unscrew the screws holding the wall bracket to its in the first place.

When the wall mount is removed, you’re usually left with a flat, metal wall bracket. The screws holding the bracket usually accessible and are easy to remove using a screwdriver, or an electric drill.

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders can be built within the wall. This is done by making an opening in the wall and then using screws to fix your toilet paper organizer to the wall stud. To take off the toilet paper holder that is of this type:

  • Take out the toilet paper roll and the rod to remove toilet paper.

  • Check the rear part of the container. This is the part which is typically obscured behind the paper toilet roll.

  • If you see screw heads on the surface on the back of the holders take them off using an electric drill or screwdriver.

  • After removing the screws after which the holder should pop completely free.

  • If there aren’t visible screws it is likely that the holder has been stuck to the wall. Follow these steps to remove the ceramic toilet paper holder for complete removal.

Recessed holders are typically one of the easiest to take down if they’re screwed into place. If there were no screws used to attach the holder, it can be slightly more difficult. Be assured that you’ll be fine! Follow the next steps to take off one of the holders without causing damage to your wall.

Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Most toilet paper holders made of ceramic are secured using adhesive instead of screws. This can make the task initially seem daunting. However, we guarantee that the removal isn’t difficult. Follow these steps:

  • Get rid of the toilet rod and paper roll before looking over the holder to make sure there are no screws.

  • If there are no screws holes, then the holder could be attached on to the wall.

  • Attach painter’s adhesive on the wall near the toilet paper holders to guard the wall against harm.

  • Make use of this multi-tool that oscillates to cut glue between your toilet paper holders and wall.

  • The majority of the time, the adhesive is located around the outside part of the frame, which means you need to make cuts around the edges of your holder.

  • When the toilet paper tray does not break free after cutting it using a hammer, you should use make use of this the pry bar to gently pull it away, away from the wall.

  • When the holder is off of the wall, you can remove the painter’s tape off the wall.

Take your time and be careful when cutting the adhesive which binds your toilet paper holders to the wall. The use of a multi-tool to cut the adhesive makes the task easy and helps prevent wall damage. Utilizing a hammer, cutting tool, or pry bar can damage the wall. Make sure to use the multi-tool, unless they are absolutely required.


How Do You Tighten a Loose Toilet Paper Holder?


If your toilet paper holder appears loose, it is usually because of loose screws on the grub or wall bracket, or a failing adhesive. For fixing one of these issues and secure the toilet paper holder on the wall

  • Locked Grub Screw Check the inside of toilet paper holder’s mounts for screw holes. Use an screwdriver or allen key into the hole, and then make sure the screw is tightened by rotating it counterclockwise.

  • Locked Wall Bracket Take off the toilet paper holder that is mounted on the wall as explained earlier. Screw tight to secure it to wall.

  • Failure of Adhesive: Dismantle the toilet paper holder made of ceramic in the manner described above. Install a new adhesive and re-attach your toilet paper holder from ceramic securely on the wall.

These techniques work with the majority of commonly used kinds for bathroom paper holders.

When your toilet paper organizer has been mounted with screws inserted into drywall, you might be required to repair the screw hole that has been stripped to ensure that your toilet paper holder is solidly attached on the wall.


How Do You Get a Toilet Paper Holder Off the Wall?


The most effective methods to take off the toilet paper holder to allow repairing, replace or for permanent removal are:

  • Remove the screws that are hidden on the bottom of the toilet paper holders so that it can come out of the wall.

  • Take off the toilet paper roll and rod, allowing screws to be accessed in the back of a toilet paper holder with a recess. Take these screws off.

  • In the event of toilet paper holders with no screws, you can use an oscillating tool that cuts through the glue that binds this holder with the wall.

These techniques cover all most common kinds of holders for toilet papers. Always look for holes in the wall prior to cutting the toilet paper holder. Screw holes might be concealed in the underside of the holder or another difficult-to-see location.


How Do You Take off the Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder from the Vanity?


Toilet paper holders are a huge ceramic piece that is glued to the vanity or wall. If you’ve got patience, you can pull them out with only minor damage to your drywall. Make use of a box cutter and keep it running across the outside of the wall to break the caulking seal. Continue to work with the blade beneath the ceramic pieces at the end.


Do You Want the Toilet Paper Holder to Be Placed on the Right or Left?


The majority of folks are right-handed, so placing it on the right side is more convenient. Take a seat and determine which side or location feels more comfortable. Since I’m right-handed, when it comes to some kind of stretch I’d prefer it to be on the left side. If not, both sides should be fine.


How Do You Get Rid of the Ceramic Towel Bar from the Tile?


Put a chisel into an area between your holders and wall you made using the grout saw. The chisel should be tapped with the hammer and then move it around the entire length of the towel rack. It could also separate the holder and the wall.


How Do You Hang an Etsy Rack on the Wall?


An all-time fix for wobbly towel bars set on drywall need to be securely anchored, or they’ll end up falling off. Replace the plastic anchors that are light-duty with anchors made of heavy-duty material that ensure that towel bars remain in place, even after decades of heavy use.


How Do You Reconnect the Bathroom Paper Holder Made of Ceramic?


Construction Adhesive Use masking tape to keep the fixture until the adhesive has dried. Be sure to wash the adhesive and any residue that has gotten on the exterior of the fixture prior to when it has dried. Once the adhesive is dry, you can take the tape off and put one small amount of latex caulk over the entire fixture. You are now ready to for rolling.


How Do You Get the Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Out of the Walls?


You can try sliding the knife beneath the grout line to begin peeling it off. Make sure you hold your hands under the toothbrush holder, so it doesn’t fall off when it comes out. If this doesn’t work, then you could attempt to cut away the grout using a putty knife.


What Does the Way You Apply Toilet Paper on Tell About You?


According to Dr. Carle, “Assertive (roll over) people tend to assume leadership roles and to possess an attitude of take-charge. People who hang the roll “under is more likely to be submissive. Submissive people are more accommodating, flexible and empathetic.”Feb 7 2018, 2018.


Which Way Should One Arm Toilet Paper Holders for Toilet Paper Go?


The opening must be positioned away from the toilet, so that the roll is not tripped up on the holder during a tear it. It’s the opposite when the holder is mounted to the right side of the toilet.


What is the Best Way to Loosen the Tight Bolt from the Toilet Seat?


In the event that your bolt has made of brass or has been corroded badly, the bolt could break away, and that’s perfectly fine. If the bolt won’t move you can spray in a penetrating of lubricant like WD-40.

Place a rag over the nut in order to collect the spray. Give the lubricant 15 mins to get through, and then try it again. You may need mounting bracket, adhesive pad or flexible mounting bracket.

So now you know how to remove a toilet paper holder.

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