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How to change the name of a nonprofit in California

If you have an organization, school, or nonprofit group in California and you want to change your name, there are steps you can take. California is not one of the states requiring organizations to have a different name under its trademark law.

California doesn’t have trademark laws, and if an organization wishes to have a new word, they have to go through the same process as they would with any other business. There are specific steps to take when changing your name, and they include finding the name you want, drafting the trademark you wish to, and filing for it.

Finding a name is pretty straightforward

Finding a name is pretty straightforward. You can find your name on the Internet, in newspaper ads, and even in books about the terms of nonprofits and organizations. Some of the words that you might consider are The American Cancer Society, The Children’s Hospitals Association, The Los Angeles County Museum, The Lions Club, The Mission Community Development Center, The National Parks, and Recreation and The National Park Service. You can also get names from your local library and your local phone book.

Drafting the trademark that you want is another part of changing the name of a nonprofit in California. The brand is the word or phrase that will be used public referring organization or your group. Once you have chosen a name for your organization, you need to put words and phrases that your group will be using. Will help you select a trademark that is memorable for people. Your brand has to be unique and not too close to any other name that someone might use.

To file for your trademark

To file for your trademark, you will have to go to your Secretary of State’s local office and fill out some legal papers. You have to give them enough information to decide that your group is a nonprofit, and you will have to have proof of your organization. You have to show evidence of the number of people who belong to your organization; the group has donated more.

When you have your trademark and all of the legal documents filed, you will then be able to change your group’s name and use it for advertising. You may have to go through some changes in your group’s policy and even the name of the nonprofit’s website if the name is widespread in your community. After you have everything done and ready to go, you will need to find a company that will print your new name.

An online printer can print

An online printer can print a new name for you for minimal cost. It Will allows you to change your nonprofit’s name in California easily, and you won’t have to pay anything to the printer. The online printer can also be handy when you have to change your logo. An online printer can add the graphics you want for your logo or replace parts of the logo.

The last thing you will have to do to change your nonprofit name in California is to submit it for approval. Your name has to the Secretary of State, and they have to give you support. Your name has to pass their standards of quality before you can change your name. If your name doesn’t pass these standards, then you can’t change it. If your name is accepted, you need to pay a small fee to get the name changed.

You can easily change your name in California

You can easily change your name in California if you have the proper steps to follow the steps above. If you are looking to change your name to a nonprofit name, take the time to find a reputable company to help you with the process. With a reputable company, you can change your nonprofit name and put your name on your website or in brochures without worrying about the company’s reputation or your name’s potential misuse.

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