Aliso Viejo The Orange County

Aliso Viejo The Orange County


Right in the middle of the state of California and in the southern end of Orange County is Aliso Viejo, Orange County’s very first planned community. The motto for this city is “Live, Learn, Work, Shop and Play”

Not only is this a great place to visit and live in but also there are continuous efforts in developing the city with businesses to promote this as a place to work and not just a bedroom town for commuters.  The city of Aliso Viejo has award winning schools, plenty of shopping and dining and entertainment and the parks and recreation facilities are second to none.


The city was incorporated on July 1, 2001 and in 2006 and has a population of about forty four thousand residents but is growing steadily. The concept of this city was so popular when it was announced that homes couldn’t be built fast enough and the waiting lists were long. Lotteries were even put into place for people who wanted to get in on the next phase of development. The city is geared to upper and higher level incomes and the median income for the area is higher than the average income in Orange County as a whole. It’s a great community to settle down in.

Aliso Viejo has transit systems, medical facilities, and shopping plus excellent schools. Those who enjoy living in a nature inspired neighborhood will appreciate the time taken in the planning of this city where parks and nature are well incorporated into the city’s landscape. It’s a peaceful and friendly hometown life here with plenty of choices for employment, places of worship and active lifestyle cultivation.


Many successful companies make their home here including, a large international retailer, (an Internet marketing company), several software companies, Ketel (the Vodka manufacturer), Tamiya (model cars) Corporation and others. There are many work opportunities here for those looking to relocate.

For visitors and residents alike, there are plenty of things to do here including:

  • Visit the canyons at the edge of the Laguna Greenbelts
  • Take a hike or nature walk along the many trails or the Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
  • Shop in any of the fine boutiques or shops at Aliso Creek marketplace or other fine stores
  • Dine at a sushi bar, a fast food establishment or enjoy true fine dining. We have a diverse set of options to satisfy any palate.

This place is a great place to live, to work, and to enjoy life in a hometown atmosphere. We’re a strong city with a growing economy and a real future!

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