Tarot Reading for January 2019 by Mita Bhan

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Tarot Reading for January 2019 by Mita Bhan

Famous Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot horoscope for the month of January 2019. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Consult Mita Bhan now on Astroyogi now!


Your mind is sharper than ever and you will find creative ways to increase your income. Luck favours the consultants, the self employed and the freelancers. Job seekers may need to be a bit more patient before the right opportunity arises. Be patient with friends and family. Don’t let your ambition make you insensitive. A good month to sort out pending paperwork and gear up for some major changes ahead this year.


One of the reasons you are tired is because you are doing more for others than for yourself. Step back, reassess and honour your needs first.Bring things back into balance. Delegate, set boundaries and learn to say No more often. Professional and business opportunities start coming in but practice discernment. Not every opportunity is as lucrative as it appears. An old friend could reconnect with you to discuss an urgent matter. And an old ailment may require treatment. A new subject could pique your interest and you may find yourself studying again.


Your success can only be achieved if you learn how to let go. With so many fingers in so many pies, you may need to refocus on the essential and the important. Don’t expect others to respond quickly and don’t assume they don’t want you either. Just hold still and things will fall into place but only after a few weeks. A great month for building up your fitness levels and trying out a new diet, the cards promise desired results, but only after, you guessed it!, a little patience. Money matters run smoothly and the promise of gains may tempt you to spending more than you can afford.

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Confidence levels soar as you begin to get recognised and appreciated for all that you have done and all that you are. Work matters see you on the top of your game and you may consider asking for a raise or a promotion which you definetely deserve. Lady Luck smiles on students and job seekers so do take advantage of the positive energies. One warning, don’t get too complacent. Lucky phases don’t last forever! In the home front you may plan renovations and even a move. A good month to sort out finances.


If you’re feeling blocked or surrounded by too many obstacles don’t fret, take a step back and analyse. You may need to give up on a path that’s leading nowhere or change your strategy altogether. Expect delays in money matters. People who owe you money may avoid your reminders or avoid you. Time to be as self reliant as possible and not get too bogged down by stress. However on the personal front, a reunion of old friends will uplift your spirits. A sudden meeting could lead to romance. If married your spouse may bring you a wonderful surprise.


Karma is at play again. If people around start behaving differently ask yourself what you may have done or said to cause it. Your ideas may be opposed or blocked and if you think hard enough you may very well be the reason why it’s happening. Stop focusing on personal gains so much and see things for the greater good. Your success will depend on how well you get along with others and see their point of view. A good month to let go of bad habits. Your willpower will be strong. Just exercise a little restraint.

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