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dr jeffry life diet

Dr jeffry life diet

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Meet Dr Life

In 1997 I was a board certified family practice physician that was 59 years old, overweight, poorly conditioned body and rapidly declining health. I couldn’t tie my shoes without losing my breath. My stomach was huge, my muscles and joints ached, and I was miserable. I decided it was time to focus some much needed medical attention on myself.

Not knowing where to start I began reading fitness magazines and came across an article that featured the winners of the Body-for-LIFE contest. I showed them to my girlfriend, Annie, and she said ‘this is exactly what you need to do’. I followed a low-glycemic/low-fat diet, took supplements, and plunged into a heavy exercise regimen with help from a former Navy Seal personal trainer, Ernie Baul. At the end of 1998, at 60 years of age and after consistently eating right and training right, I became the GRAND CHAMPION in Bill Phillip’s 1998 Body-for-LIFE contest.

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