Is Coca-Cola Addictive, Product Facts

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Is Coca-Cola addictive?

No. Many people enjoy sweet tastes from time to time. Regularly consuming food and beverages in moderation that taste good or that you enjoy is normal.

What about its ingredients? Won’t they make you addicted to Coca-Cola? says there is no evidence of true caffeine addiction.

Caffeine is a mild stimulant. If you have it regularly and then stop suddenly, you may experience some minor effects. But most of us can reduce or eliminate caffeine from our diets without serious problems.

In fact, every day, millions of people enjoy beverages with caffeine, including coffee, tea and soft drinks. Because caffeine has been consumed for centuries, we know a lot about it. It is widely studied, and how much we use in our drinks is known to be safe.

We recommend contacting your doctor if you are concerned about caffeine.

Many people enjoy sweet tastes from time to time. Food and beverages can trigger what scientists call “reward centers” in the brain, but so can other things like music or laughter. Regularly consuming food and beverages in moderation that taste good and that you enjoy is normal. If you have questions or concerns about sugar, speak with your doctor.

What if I don’t want sugar or caffeine?

We offer many options for every taste and need. Try some of the favorites below.

We also have smaller package sizes, like our 7.5-oz mini soda can, in case you just want a little less of a great taste you know and love.

And if you’re looking for variety, we have organic tea, coconut water, ready-to-drink coffee, purified water, juices and more. Did you know Sprite and Fresca are caffeine-free?

Sugar-free drinks and Sugar-free soda

Of our 250 reduced- and no-sugar beverages, we have many options with no sugar at all, like these:

Caffeine-free drinks

We also have a selection of caffeine-free soda and beverages. Try some of our favorites:

How will I know if there’s sugar or caffeine?

If you’re not sure if there is sugar or caffeine, check the ingredients list next to the Nutrition Facts label. You can find it on the back of our cans and bottles. This helps make it clear what’s in our beverages. You can also learn about each of our products here, so you can choose what’s right for you and your family.

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