Flywheel 2015 Year in Review

diet mountain dew shirt

Diet mountain dew shirt

2015 was a huge year at Flywheel HQ. We added office space, migrated more sites than ever, and consumed enough Diet Mountain Dew to possibly scare off our health care providers. Plus, one of our cofounders, Tony, got a Flywheel logo permanently tattooed on his forearm. So, in honor of this momentous year, we whipped up a limited edition (temporary) tattoo set and a full report on all the fly things we did in 2015.

We’ll send you a free six-pack of our sweet temporary tattoos, inspired by all of the cool things that happened in 2015.

t-shirts sent out to customers, friends, and Twitter followers

countries where Flywheel customers are located

local charities we donated to during the Omaha Gives! campaign

bathroom stalls sponsored at our local NebraskaJS and Barcamp conferences (and we pasted a Flywheel-approved joke in every single one)

students who have graduated from Interface code school classes at Flywheel

support tickets resolved for our customers

WordPress site migrations

calls from people requesting information about their gym memberships or taxi service (shoutout to the other Flywheel-named companies)

number of times Beyonce was mentioned in a support ticket

features launched (including Globalization, Organizations, Log Files, Stats & more)

code commits to the Flywheel app

hotdogs made for our April Fools video

tweets mentioning Flywheel

articles written for The Layout, our in-house design publication

cans of Diet Mountain Dew consumed

pets owned by Flywheelers, which includes 19 cats, 16 dogs, a rabbit and a bearded dragon

grilled cheese sandwiches the Flywheel team cooked up for our open house party

Flywheel Slack channels, including important topics like #gameofthrones, #beer and #pranking

new Flywheelers added to the team

square footage in the additional office space we leased downstairs (and are expanding into next year!)

Flywheel tattoo, permanently imprinted on the forearm of co-founder Tony Noecker

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