Dog Food Recall Information and Alerts 2019

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Dog Food Recall Information and Alerts 2019

When you spend good money on dog food for your canine companion, you want to know that the product you have chosen is safe for him to eat. Most high-quality pet food brands follow strict standards for safety and quality when it comes to the manufacture of their products, but mistakes do happen. When they do, the product might be recalled. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a recall is “when a product is removed from the market or a correction is made to the product because it is either defective or potentially harmful”.

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There are two different types of recalls for pet food – an FDA-issued recall and a voluntary recall. FDA-issued recalls usually occur when the FDA discovers a problem when testing a particular product – the problem may also be brought to their attention through consumer complaints. The problem itself might involve potential contamination with a dangerous pathogen (like E. coli or salmonella) or it could involve inadequate levels of certain nutrients. A voluntary recall occurs when the manufacturer themselves discover a problem and they withdraw the product of their own volition and then make the necessary corrections.

So what do you do if your dog’s food is recalled? As soon as you become aware of the recall, the first thing you should do is stop feeding the product to your dog. To help minimize any negative effects of suddenly changing your dog’s diet, try to find a similar product. In some cases, only certain batches of a product will be recalled so you might be able to just buy a new bag of the same food – just be sure to read the recall information thoroughly to determine which steps to take.

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