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Rotation vs Revolution

People often get confused between the terms “rotation” and “revolution.” Here we are about to discuss the concepts of rotation and revolution in relation to Earth.


Rotation can be defined as the spinning of an object on its own axis. An axis may be defined as an imaginary line around which the object spins. We can understand this with the example of the Earth’s rotation. Earth rotates from west to east around an imaginary line which passes through the North and South poles and is perpendicular to the plane of the equator. This imaginary line is called the axis of Earth’s rotation. Due to this motion, the celestial bodies appear to move from east to west.

Rotation of Earth results in the creation of time zones. Our Earth rotates around its axis at the rate of 15 degrees per hour. This rotation causes different noons at different locations on the planet. The rotation of Earth around its axis causes day and night. The total time taken by the Earth to complete its one rotation comes out to be around 24 hours. This movement of the Earth also brings about a flattening of the planet at the poles resulting in an oblate spheroid. The distance from poles to the center of Earth is a little bit less than that from the equator to the center.


Revolution can be defined as movement of a body around another. Here, in this case, Earth revolves round the sun.

Earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit with the sun as its focus. It completes its cycle in a period of approximately 365 days. Earth is also tilted from its axis by the angle of 23 and half degrees. Changes of seasons on Earth are the combined effects of the Earth’s tilt on its axis and the Earth’s revolution around the sun.

Rotation and revolution together cause day and night, changes of seasons, change in the length of day and night, circulation of air in the atmosphere, and many other geographical phenomenon.

1.Rotation is the spinning of Earth on an axis while revolution is the spinning of the Earth around the sun.
2.Earth’s rotation is completed in approximately 24 hrs while its revolution takes around 365 days.
3.Rotation causes day and night. Revolution causes different seasons.
4.Relative speed of rotation is maximum at the equator and slowest at the poles. Relative speed of revolution is fastest 5.when the sun is closest to the Earth and is slowest when it is at the farthest end.
6.Earth rotates on its axis while it revolves around the sun.

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