Diet doctor murfreesboro tennessee

diet doctor murfreesboro tennessee

Dr. Warren F. Clayton

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i saw Dr. Clayton 4 years ago while I was experiencing symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism. He blew off my concerns. Ordered some tests (one which had to be redone 3 times because of lab error). Here it is 4 years later, I wasn’t allowed to schedule with another endo in the clinic. saw Dr. Cayton. I just read his note. He billed for a 45 minute consult and documented things that did not happen. This man was in the room a maximum of 10 minutes if that. I have ZERO confidence in this Endocrinologist. I am also a Nurse.

This doctor was nice but the staff sucked. I waited a hr 1st visit and I missed 3 appt 2 due to hospilizations and one no ride. I got a call from staff member advising I would need to get another doctor due to missed appt I had to get a doc out of mmc I felt that was,rude and would not recommend anyone going there.

When I arrived for my appointment he was running late so I had to sit out in the lobby. When I went back into the exam room I still had to wait. Once he came in I tried to tell him about my past childhood thyroid problems and what my old pediatric endocrinologist had told me. He said, “I don’t need to know all of that.” I thought my past medical history was important but not to him. He then began to be very condescending. He told me my issues were related to my age. Now, I was 40 at the time, so not really old. He also told me my hair loss wasn’t significant enough because he’d expect to see more hair loss if it were really related to my under active thyroid. He told me his daughter loses that much hair when she brushed it. He didn’t want to hear that for me, that was a lot of hair, not the “normal range” of daily hair care. He listened to my abdomen and said, “Interesting.” I asked him what was interesting and he replied, “Oh nothing.” Btw, I’m a nurse and yet he treated me like crap

Excellent Dr with an excellent partner. If you have thyroid issues, Dr. Clayton or Dr. Rone can’t be topped.

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