Break the Diet Drink Addiction

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This Site Is Dedicated to Breaking the Diet Drink Addiction!!

My name is Mike and I have created this site to help the thousands of people who are addicted to diet drinks like I was kick the habit. I want to share how I broke a 7 cans a day, for nearly 10 years Diet Coke habit, in just 5 Days with no withdrawal symptoms at all. This was an exciting time in my life and I wanted to share my experience with those who struggle as I did to quit this tough addiction.


Omg. Im not alone. I drink 2/2liters a day of diet Pepsi. I feel like its killing me slowly. My family knows my bad addiction. I feel stupid having to hide my diet Pepsi and even at work I hide it. Its completely legal and it’s so addictive. Its unreal. When I taste, especially when it’s really cold it’s like a rush through my veins. I know i have to quit. Dont know what would be good to replace it with and would be healthy! HELP

I am beginning Day 3 of no DC. I was 5-6 cans a day plus restaurants. So far I’m okay, but I’m anxious about my YETI now filled with sweet tea all day long. I’m really trying to get water in between, but you know it’s hard. Does anyone know of a substitute/replacement that is somewhat healthy AND taste similar to either one? Are any of the packet sweeteners truly nontoxic? HELP! I really want this to work!

how does one get away from addiction of Diet Coke?

I always need to have Pepsi Max in the house. Drink about 1.5 litres a day. If I have ice in the freezer to make it really cold, I’m OK with water instead for a day or two, but I always come back to Pepsi Max because water is so boring with food. I had to go to the doctor at one time for a biopsy because of a bad looking mole on my leg. She didn’t find anything dangerous, but commented on a lot of inflammation in my blood and cells. I wonder if this may come from Pepsi Max and is why I’m too tired to workout, she wouldn’t comment on that. I can feel my body being more tired than I rationally think it should be. I think I may need to stop for good soon.

Been drinking DC for over 20
Years it’s really
Really taking its toll
On me I’m fat tired and my entire body hurts all the time
Now I’ve got neuropathy in my feet and shin splints
I have bulging discs and fibromyalgia
I’ve been cutting my consumption back in half
I was up to
150 oz. per day of DC so 6 -16.9 oz. bottles plus at least another 20
Oz. When I went out ugh I’ve started Ativan for anxiety and Replax for migraines
I am hoping for the best and really trying
Good luck to all!

I am amazed that there are so many others out there who are addicted to DC like I am. I drink at least 4-5 cans in an evening and always have a bottle with me when I’m out/At work/with friends. Finally I have realised why I ache so much all the time, why I feel sick and anxious most mornings and some days for no reason at all. I didn’t think it was a problem until a phone conversation with my mother earlier this evening. I’ve had trips to my gp recently for frequent urination and all tests were coming back as normal, my mum asked me how much diet coke I drink in a day. She was shocked when I told her and said she didn’t realise how much I was actually drinking, and that was probably the cause of all my medical problems recently. I currently have 1 can sitting on the table which was opened before the phonecall with my mum. I am going to try very hard to make sure it is my last.

Look at us…….All of us hooked on a legal beverage the fda has approved.I am right here in the middle of all of this, too. Who knows how many dc’s I drink. Two cups of coffee in am then… cokes even ino the night. Lets say 15 as a guess. 5500 cans a year….Yes it makes me happy, but just like everyone my body and budget don’t like it much…….I believe that, just like cigarettes, there are other ingredients in the product making us come back for more. Addictive ingredients other than the caffeine ane aspartame m ect…..Can someone direct me to find out if I might be right? MAY GOD HELP US ALL.

Hi, I’m Kathy. 6 days free of diet soda, and I feel great! I was a 7-8 can a day drinker for decades. 2 Bai drinks a day, a lot of rest, and good food is helping me beat it! I am so happy and I didn’t think happiness would be possible without it. Lame, I know. But it’s going better than I thought.

I’m crashing. I gave it up 2 weeks ago and now I feel like I want it so bad. I replaced it with iced tea. I was doing ok, but now I feel like I just want one. I need support

I am not alone. I too am a severe addict. I drink 3 two liter bottles of Coke Zero a day and have done so on a gradual increase for at least 2 years. I have had gastric bypass and am now feeling stomach pain. I need to quit but am so afraid of withdrawal. I don’t want to die from this horrific addition. I use to smoke and drink alcohol. I use to do drugs. I quit them all over 23 years ago and am now a successful office manager for a prosecutor. Why can’t I just get the willpower to just stop. I hate myself for this. I hate the fact that I have spent so much money on the crap. I have multiple sclerosis and know the Coke Zero makes it worse. Ahhhhhhh. I just want to stop. Sincerely SO ADDICTED.

I quit DC two and a half weeks ago. I’ve been a 5 can a day drinker for 20 years. I know it is bad for me but I love it so much. I decided to give up after reading the new research on how it changes gut bacteria leading to weight gain. I also have an overseas trip coming up in a month and I’ve been stressing about accessing DC when I’m away. That’s when I realised this is a full blown addiction that I need to get under control.

I hope I see some benefits of quitting soon because this is SO hard

I have a diet coke addiction, along with monster energy drinks and diet Snapple tea. I used to just be a diet coke addict, drinking about 20 cans/day. Then I discovered Monster. So to cut down on my diet coke addiction, I now drink a 2-liter bottle of DC in the morning, followed by 2 large cans of Monster, then onto a 1/2 gallon of diet Snapple. I also smoke. Yesterday was my last 2 liter bottle of diet coke and no Monster as of yesterday. Today I am foggy brained and depressed. My life revolved around my drinks, but I’m determined to give them all up.

Hi guys, Josie here. I am 2 weeks into breaking this life-wrecking cycle of addiction that has had a grip on me for the past few years. I salivate thinking about the icy bubbles of DC consuming me from the inside out, its better than sex and any form of an ILLEGAL high. After a long, hard day all I want is to wallow in self pity and guzzle can after can of DC. Its the only thing that makes me feel whole. I can feel my body eroding away every time I take a sip from the devils cup, my heart being crushed. I find it so comforting, seeing others have also been poisoned by this deadly substance. I’m so enslaved by DC not even God can save me now.

I drank 2 litres of DC a day for the last 8 years. I now have no choice to give it up after 6 hours of agony yesterday from a stomach ulcer I got from it. Kind of a wake up call for me.

I am addicted to DC. It’s the first thing I drink in the morning and last at night. I consume no less than 20 cans a day. I have hidden it from my family when they say anything. I think about quitting but the headaches get me every time and I crave it. I cave. I honestly don’t know how to do it.

im 29 and drink atleast two 1.75ltr bottles a day for god knows how long. im a very fusy autistic about food and drink and find d coke to be the only thing i can drink. i dont know what to replace it with without causing another addiction. i know asparame turns to famaldahyde once in the body and dont want to have famaldahyde in my system prefieribly till im dead and need preserving. any suggestions or imput?

Hi I’m still addicted to diet coke i drink 4 litres a day for probably the last 5 years. I can’t stop, it’s got to the point where I pretend diet coke bottles belong to someone else to hide it from my friend and family. I need help.

I have drunk a bottle (or 2) of coke or diet coke every day for the last 44 years – I am now 2 weeks free!! Already feeling the benefits, dry skin patches gone, sleeping better, beginning to concentrate better, digestive problems have gone away – I will never go back.

Yay. It’s been over 3 weeks and NO DIET COKE. I feel a lot better, no achy joints, no headaches and have more energy! It wasn’t even that hard to give them up this time.

I need help. My husband has a bad Diet Coke addiction. I worked out he drinks on average 20 cans a day. About 7 litters a day (50 for the week). He is completely defensive about it and doesn’t think there is an issue, because it’s a, DIET drink. I’m at a complete loss at what help I can give him. He suffers with bad headaches, joint pains, memory loss etc but refuses to believe it’s anything to do with the DC. Any help or suggestions would be great. Cutting down won’t help, he is beyond that with his addiction.

Hi, I’ve been drinking diet coke for over 20 years now. I feel I can’t go through a day without it. I’ve had numerous people tell me, oh you must stop drinking those, they are poison, they make you fat, blah blah blah. You name it, I’ve been told on how bad these diet sodas are. I enjoy them so much because it keeps my energy going for hours since I work 2 jobs. I’ve noticed my joints all over me are achy, my mind is like in a fog all the time, just about all the other symptoms everyone on here has. I just quit today and I know what’s about to come since I tried to quit diet coke a long time ago.

I have been drinking diet sodas (2-3.5 litres a day) for about 17 years. My symptoms include aching joints, irritability, always feel tired, memory loss/forgetfulness amongst others. I have tried kicking the habit but it never last more than a few days. This time i have cut down to 1.2 litres a day, it has only been 3 days but early signs are promising. Will keep you posted………..

Hello I’m a 53 year old woman who is addicted to Diet Coke I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which now looking back I think Diet Coke has played a big part in my condition I have just recently stopped drinking DC and feel dreadful I have terrible headaches and my knees and shoulder and kneck pain have been unbearable I was convinced I’m having a flare up of my illness but now think is the addiction to DC playing a big part in my life I’ve been of the DC for a couple of days but still have a lot of pain I was wondering if someone could give me any feedback as to should carry on on my own or seek some medical advice .

Josh Here, I drink around 24 cans in around 3 days and have done for the last 6 years. What can i do? I hate tea and coffee and wont touch normal coke. I have started getting really bad headaches recently and I lose concentration very easily now! Is there something else i can drink that hasn’t got aspartame in it, no sugar, tea or coffee that isn’t water or am i just rubbing on an empty lamp. I seem to be miserable if i haven’t had a coke in the morning. Please help !?

I quit drinking diet coke six days ago. I kept hearing how it contributes to expanding waistline which I have. I have had a headache since and have another symptom I haven’t seen mentioned. I usually wake at 7 am but since I quit I am up between 5 and 6 am just filled with anxiety. I did not realize the effects of aspertene until I quit diet coke and had severe headaches so I thought I would look it up. I was shocked at all the info I found. I am glad I quit, it was cold turkey.

I’ve been drinking Diet Coke for about 20 years now. I’m in the process of trying to quit again. At my peak, so far, I was drinking 8+ liters a day which lasted about 5 years. I have only come down from this peak within the past few months. This is the first time I have actually looked online to see what the internet had to say on this subject. Really, was not sure what to expect on the subject of soda related addictions. After so many failures in trying to quit, I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. I’m typing this, more for myself than anyone else, because I’ve never put anything about my problem in writing. Hopefully putting this into some form or another does something for me. I guess the next step will be some kind of professional help.
Good luck to me, and to anyone else who is trying to quit.

I have been drinking diet sodas (diet coke, coke zero, fanta zero, sprite zero) for about the last 8 years, between 2 and 4 litres a day. I have had terrible migraines and other muscle pains almost every day for this time, especially the last 5 years. This resulted in having a bad headache most of the time, building up to a migraine/ severe tension headache almost daily. I think the phosphorous in the diet soda strips your body of magnesium, and you get deficient in magnesium and get msucle pain as a result. Also, the aspartame is a headache causer too, and also irritates the nervous system. Today is day one of my quitting. I would often buy 2 two litre bottles for home, and drink both in one evening. I have replaced the diet soda with water, rooibos tea (red bush) and regular tea with no sweetener or sugar. Good luck to everyone beating this addicition! Try taking magnesium glycinate to help build up your magnesium again if you have been drinking large amounts of diet soda over a long period. Seems to be helping me.

For 15 years or more from 1990 to 2005 would drink 12+ cans a day of Diet Coke, then another 2-liter at night from 5pm to 10pm. I don’t drink coffee so I thought I could drink the DC’s. I would waked up at 3am every night for an hour or more and toss and turn. My wife told me, duh, its the Diet Coke after 5pm. So I started only drinking DC’s from noon to 5pm. That helped a little, but still woke up often. I have tinnitus and the ringing was getting terrible, so loud nothing would drown it out. I read that it could be caused by diet drinks, so I stopped cold turkey and the ringing did go down about 50%. If you have tinnitus it is worth stopping. I went thru withdrawal for 3 days. If felt like I had the flu. But it felt so nice after the 3 days. I switched to non-caffeine Diet Coke for a long time and started drinking 12 cans a day again of caffeine free + the caffeine free liters at night. I felt anxious and bloated all the time. So I did the cold-turkey thing again in 2005. I switched to drinking only water or water with lemon or herbal tea. After about 6 months my cravings went down, and after a year the water started tasting really good. I still have the cravings when I see someone else with one, so I ask to have a sip and to me it now tastes terrible, like metal. It really tastes bad after you haven’t had it for a year or more. I have only had maybe 3 soda’s in the last 10 years and I am 99.5% caffeine free too. I feel so so so much better. I carry a Polar Water bottle and I drink tap water because I read that bottled water pretty much comes from tap water, and tap water is regulated and bottled water is not regulated as much. Water tastes so good and refreshing now.

I started having diet coke 3 years ago and now I feel as if I am addicted to it. And frankly I dont like any addiction in my life so have decided to get rid of the addiction. Today is the third day of my not taking any diet coke, I am getting tempted but need to control my urge. I intend to not take any diet coke at all for the next one month. Thereafter may be I will start having one occassionally but never more than once a week. Hope I reach that stage when probably I will be again drinking it just for a change and not as an addiction.

I am 52 yrs old drinking diet coke for 30 yrs. I am totally addicted to this drink. I drink about a gallon of diet coke a day.

Hi I am an addict. I drink at least ten cans a day. I have had one can for the last three days and now none for two days.
I have in the past quit a 4 year cocaine habit and 25 year smoking habit.
Yes I used cold turkey on both, However Diet coke is harder fro me to quit than either smoking or cocaine was. Diet coke is my drug of choice.
I feel Diet Coke should have warnings like cigarettes do .
I also feel I should be able to sue them for selling minors a harmful product.
I started my coke/diet coke at 12 years old I am 52 now.
I have felt the chronic fatigue for 20 years and my teeth are falling apart,
I also was diagnosed at 40 as a diabetic and am on insulin.
Be warned Stop

I am also an aspertame addict .I have been hooked on diet pepsi for about 25 years ! I also quit for about a year ,but like the cigarette habit you can’t ever pick it up again or you are back on the merry go round . i HAVE A QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU ; has anyone out there had severe leg and frequent leg cramps/spasms, have you noticed a decrease in flexibility , joint stiffness/pain ? I am asking because I am having these problems , it has gotten so bad that I have difficulty putting on my shoes and socks because I am unable to bend down far enough to reach my foot . I am also unable to bring my foot up high enough for me to reach it while sitting or other wise . I am also asking because this seemed to come on rather suddenly . So if anyone has had anything like this happen to them please post it in the comments on this page I will check back often to find responses. Thank you in advance ….josie H.

Its getting really bad, my diet soda addiction. I find my self filling up the bathtub with about 28 2 liter bottles and then lying in it with a straw and enjoying the rush. Its like skydiving for me.

Fellow addict right here. I have been drinking diet coke since I was maybe 14, so 14 years ago. Half of my life. I am constantly tired, cranky and have bad skin, some of which I attribute to diet coke. Also some stomach issues I again feel are down to it. I intend to quit tomorrow. It will be maybes fourth attempt. I also took many attempt to quit smoking and now on attempt 6 or 7 I’m over a year down the line. Lots more support for nicotine withdrawal than caffeine though! I would say I’m going to enjoy my last couple of cans but I don’t really enjoy them, I feel like I need them. It’s ridiculous. Is it really just the caffeine that makes us feel like this?!

I was a diet coke-a-holic for at least a few years. I knew it wasn’t good for me. It took a point of focus for me to quit, which I did. Cold turkey. The focus was the fact that I want to be here for my kids as adults and my future grand children. It was now or never! It was hard at first and I had a nagging headache for at least a week. Tylenol helped. It’s been over 3 months. I will NEVER go back to drinking ANY type of diet soda or eat food or candy containing artificial sugar. The thought of the smell of aspartame deep in my chest is haunting enough to keep me away from it now. Also remembering how AWEFUL I felt all the time when I did drink it. I feel so much better by the way. My memory is better, my joints don’t hurt as much, I’m eating healthier… JUST DO IT. You will be glad you did.

I am a 13-year-old girl and have a 3 year addiction to Diet Pepsi. I drink 4 a day, all after school. On holidays, I have 6. My mom only allows me to have 1 because of the risk for heart disease, but I sneak some past her. Soda is to me what cigarettes are to smokers, unstoppable. I get pounding headaches before bed, and stomachaches in the morning. I am scared to admit this addiction with someone I know well because I am strong for a female my age. I will try replacing it with water and see the outcome.

I am a diet soda addict and I know it. I can drink about a 12 pack of diet coke per day, Some days more. I sometimes lose count. I panic if I am down to just one case and I rush out to get more even if its at midnight or 3 am! I ache in my legs all the time and I know I am killing myself slowly but I can’t stop I have tried for years to stop, its more addictive than smoking was!! Then I tell myself that it’s ok that it’s not harming me and that I am ok. I just recently had a health scare, My iron levels are severely low and I am needing to get more iron and my vitamin D is very low too, so I have had to start adding vitamins to my daily routine and I wondered if Diet Soda was the culprit , but I don’t think it was. I have almost given up on quitting my diet soda habit after all I don’t do any other unhealthy things! I don’t smoke anymore, I am losing weight and eating a lot better. People told me how “concerned” they are about me and my drinking so much diet soda, I have told them more than once to not worry about me I am fine. I defend diet soda to everyone who speaks against it. I have actually lost friends over them constantly telling me how bad it was for me and I just cut them out of my life! Do any of you guys feel this way? or am I just a hopeless addict??

Oh My God in Heaven! I am not alone. I see myself in all of the comments. I quit drinking beer back in 92, and replaced it with diet Pepsi and diet coke. Lots of it. 4-8 cans daily at least. 2 cans in the am with coffee. I was in a serious car accident 5 yrs ago and had my family bring in for me. ( besides the pop I could get there). I even hide my empty cans, just like my beer cans..I hate it, but never even really tried that hard to quit. I’ve got a serious addictive personality. I wish everyone could read these blogs so they would understand the disease of addiction…I look and feel awful. I used to get lots of compliments on how good I looked. These last 5 yrs aged me a lot! I’m step at a time. One day at a time. One can at a time….I’ve given up a lot worse!

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