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Pleasanton The Gorgeous City.

In Alameda County, California is the city of Pleasanton, home to over 67,000 residents. This city has gorgeous weather and fantastic amenities for its residents and there are lots of things to see and many things to do such as:

This city is committed to building a community of character and strives for excellence in the raising of its youth and in the way the city is operated. The sense of community is warm and active involvement is encouraged here so that everyone who lives here contributes to making our city a wonderful place to live. The community policing initiative is very successful in neighborhood safety efforts and our crime rate remains low.

From an economic standpoint, this city continues to strive for growth so that citizens continue to live in a thriving community. The community support services support this initiative and the location of Pleasanton makes it an excellent accessible point for neighboring markets within the Bay area. The excellent schools make for an educated workforce and there’s enough happening here that today’s youth don’t need to leave this area to find their futures.

The quality of life here makes this a great place to raise a family, start a business or retire and enjoy your golden years.

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